Electric Battery Powered Reach Truck

Why to choose an electric reach truck?

Apr 21, 2023

What are the advantages of reach trucks? How do you find the best model for your operation?

Why Choose a Reach Truck?

Reach trucks are often one of the best trucks for warehouse use—especially when dealing with tall racks. Reach trucks are divided into seated reach trucks, standing reach trucks and double-deep reach trucks.They have a small footprint, excellent maneuverability and high lift capacity in tight spaces. These factors can effectively use the area and height of the building to achieve high-density storage of goods.

The defining feature of these trucks is their reach mechanism. It allows the mast to move fore and aft on the truck bed. When the mast is pulled back, the truck is short for easy maneuvering in warehouse aisles. Once the truck is positioned to stack or retrieve pallet loads, its mast is extended forward. In this way, its forks are pushed deep into the shelf.

When picking up the load, the mast is pulled back - bringing the forks and loaded pallet with it at the same time. The tray and its load slide between two sturdy support legs equipped with large wheels. These unique stabilizing features help avoid the need for large counterweights that add to the length of the truck. The mast is pulled back and the load is carried within the truck's wheelbase. This maximizes stability and minimizes size during travel.

In addition to forward and rearward reach, reach trucks achieve upward reach by raising the mast. NEOlift's reach truck masts can be lifted to 13 meters or more.

Reach truck


1.Four Wheel Braking

Equipped with front and back wheel braking, with a better braking performance, which is suitable for using on the wed and frozen ground. All this can guarantee operator safety;

2.Ergonomics Design

Easy operation joystick design and multi-function display with wheel position, which can makes operation more comfortable and convenient;

Adjustable seat can provide operator with the most comfortable operation environment;

3.Excellent Weight-bearing Mast

No loading capacity loss within 6000mm, and excellent loading performance at super-high position;

4.Strong Endurance

Full AC system design, high-efficiency and energy-saving motors without carbon brush can meet multiple operation requirements under heavy working conditions.

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