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What is an articulated forklift?

Apr 25, 2023

NEOlift electric articulated forklift is a forklift specially designed for very narrow passages, it can efficiently load and unload goods in very narrow passages. The capacity range is 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 2.5 tons and 3 tons, and the maximum lifting height is 12.5 meters. Thanks to its solid rubber wheels and its special design, the narrow aisle articulated forklift can be easily used both indoors and outdoors. The operator only needs an articulated forklift to transport the goods from the outdoor trailer to the shelf. An articulated forklift can be regarded as a combination of an electric counterbalanced forklift and a 3 way pallet stacker VNA forklift, which is perfect Combining their respective advantages. With large rubber tires, the operator can easily and safely load and unload goods on semi-rough ground, regardless of terrain restrictions. Articulated forklifts mainly meet the needs of customers in medium-to-heavy working conditions in pursuit of high lifting speed, high driving speed and high efficiency.

Electric articulated forklift

Main Features:

1.Adopting new concept and novel streamlined design, the visual effect is greatly improved. 

2.Adopting wide view mast design with wireless camera and video display.

3.International advanced AC controller system enables the forklift to be controlled by computer program for walking, steering, lifting, and tilting.

4.Large-angle fully opened cover and removable rear door panel are convenient for battery replacement and maintenance.

5.AC motor has no maintenance cost such as replacing carbon brush. Reliability and long service life can be guaranteed with high-efficiency AC power system, complete protection functions, speed sensor and temperature sensor.

6.Safety is greatly improved by OPS function as standard configuration.

7.Equipped with high-brightness laser light, the operator can have a reliable reference when stacking in very narrow aisle.



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