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Gasoline And LPG Counterbalance Forklift Entere The Euro And American Markets, Win The Trust Of Customers With High Quality

Aug 17, 2023

Forklift quality is one of the important factors affecting market competitiveness. As a Leading China manufacturer, NEOlift has always taken quality first and customer first as the purpose of developing the world market, and has achieved remarkable results. This time to enter the European and American markets are 20 units Gasoline and LPG Counterbalance Forklift, equipped with Nissan engine, side shifter, fork positioner, 3-stage full free mast, lifting height of 4.5 meters. After receiving the goods, the customer expressed full recognition of our products and reached an agreement to establish a long-term partnership.

With quality as the primary criterion, NEOlift has passed the test of the market and is fully recognized by our customers. Our forklifts offer the following benefits:


Reliability: NEOlift's forklifts tend to be durable and capable of maintaining good performance and functionality over long periods of use. This means customers can rely on these forklifts for their work, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.


Safety: NEOlift forklifts are typically equipped with a variety of safety features and systems, including stability control, emergency braking, anti-lock braking, and more. These features reduce the risk of accidents, protect the safety of operators and those around them, and meet safety regulations.


Performance: NEOlift's forklifts provide excellent performance in a variety of operating environments. They have a high carrying capacity, high-speed driving capacity, smooth operation, etc., can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics and warehousing operations.


Maintenance Costs: NEOlift's forklifts have lower maintenance costs. They use durable parts that require less maintenance and less downtime. This will reduce the operating costs of the business and improve profitability.


After-Sales Service: NEOlift's forklifts are supported by our professional technical team. Including training, maintenance, fast spare parts supply, etc. These services help increase customer satisfaction, build a good brand image, and promote word of mouth.


By providing high-quality forklift products and paying attention to customer needs and after-sales service, we believe that NEOlift can further stand out in the market competition and win more market share. We will always insist on and continue to win the trust of the market.

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