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NEOlift Customer Interview: Buyback Is The Greatest Recognition Of Your Products

Aug 30, 2023

NEOlift has always adhered to the concept of customer first. We will carry out long-term communication and exchange with customers who buy products to understand their feelings on the use of products, their further expectations of our products, and what aspects they hope we can improve and improve, which is also an important part of our service.


The master is a large customer from Europe, engaged in the construction industry, the need for diesel forklifts and electric  forklift is very large. The following is what our customers have said about NEOlift products in the process of communication with our customers:

We are in the construction industry, so we pay great attention to performance, reliability and durability when purchasing forklifts. Whether the quality of forklift can meet our requirements and whether it can provide efficient, safe and lasting experience is our focus in choosing forklift trucks. Through the use and experience of your products, you have successfully won more orders from us.



The customer also spoke about the quality of forklift components, manufacturing process, structural design:

Component quality: The various components of the forklift, such as the engine, transmission system, hydraulic system, etc., need to have high quality and reliability. The use of high-quality components can improve the performance and life of forklifts.


Manufacturing process: The manufacturing of forklifts requires strict process and process control to ensure the quality consistency of each forklift. Reasonable process flow and strict quality inspection can reduce defects and problems in manufacturing.


Structural design: The structural design of forklift trucks should have reasonable strength and stability to cope with heavy loads and complex environmental conditions. Excellent structural design can improve the safety and service life of forklift trucks.



We are very grateful to our customers for their valuable advice, and we also mention the importance of after-sales service to our customers, which is also our advantage. Providing quality after-sales service allows customers to get support and help in the use process, and solve possible problems in a timely manner. Good after-sales service helps to improve customer satisfaction with forklifts.


By focusing on and optimizing these key aspects, we can further improve the quality of our forklifts and continuously meet the needs and expectations of our customers. This will win us more market share and build a good brand reputation.

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