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NEOlift Forklift Safety Operation Guide

Aug 07, 2023

Forklift trucks including diesel forklift and electric forklift are now one of the commonly used transport vehicles, forklift trucks play an important role in the daily operation of warehouses and factories, if not driven according to the operation specifications, will be a serious threat to safety, there are many potential hazards, and even cause the death of operators or other pedestrians.


Forklift Safety Accident Status:

According to statistics, at least 8,500 people are killed by forklift accidents every year, 349,000 people are seriously injured by forklift accidents, and 618,000 people are slightly injured by forklift accidents. The main causes of forklift deaths are many, 42% of accidents are caused by forklift tipping, and 11% of forklift deaths are caused by two-vehicle collisions. Forklift cargo falling caused 8% of the deaths, other causes accounted for 39%. And the industry with the most forklift truck deaths is the production industry, accounting for 42% of the total forklift truck deaths. This shows the importance of safe operation of forklifts.


Why Security Incidents Happen:

Forklift is a mobile logistics handling equipment, its working environment, working conditions are in a process of change at any time, driving safety depends on the driver's immediate operation, the working environment of forklift is usually more complex, sometimes in the same space of people and vehicles, increasing safety risks. Therefore, the forklift safe operation has special skill requirements for the driver, and the forklift must strictly grasp the implementation of the safety management system, so as to avoid accidents.


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