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What is an articulated forklift?

Nov 10, 2022

Electric Articulated forklift Truck

Articulated forklifts, also known as swing-head trucks, are another type of narrow-aisle forklifts; they are mainly used in high-capacity intensive storage, and are a kind of forklift that can operate uninterruptedly inside and outside the warehouse. It is characterized by strong mobility, Continuous operation, high efficiency, can replace other vehicles such as balance weight and three-way fork.

Compared with traditional narrow-aisle VAN forklifts, articulated forklifts have obvious advantages: firstly, articulated forklifts use rubber tires, which are suitable for all kinds of ground and do not require "ultra-flat floors". At the same time, they have excellent climbing performance and reduce the user's floor Asset investment.

It can realize ultra-narrow laneway operation, and the width of the laneway is only 2M, which reduces the width of the laneway to a greater extent and increases the storage capacity; at the same time, the articulated forklift does not need "other forklift auxiliary operations", and can be used for both inside and outside the warehouse, reducing the user's workload Type of forklift input.

The articulated forklift is a full-featured forklift with a one-stop operation mode for all logistics links. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor working conditions, narrow aisle density storage conditions, high-level shelves and other logistics conditions. The operation performance of the handling link; more effectively help customers improve warehouse energy storage, save land use costs (rent), reduce "single pallet storage and transportation costs" & "operating costs", and help users achieve more corporate profit savings.


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