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The Impact of Storage on Forklift Selection

Dec 04, 2022

We recommend that decision makers consider the following factors:

1.What are the characteristics of the goods that need to be stacked?

Know the properties (loads) of the cargo material. The capacity of the forklift is affected by the height of the stack of goods and the weight of the goods. It is also important to include the dimensions of the cargo as this will affect the size of the forklift chosen.

2.How will the material be stored?

How your goods are stored also plays an important role in determining the type of forklift you need. Field crop growers need to store heavy loads in extreme conditions such as uneven terrain, high levels of dust and temperature-controlled environments that require powerful diesel forklifts or LPG forklifts. This is very different from a warehouse that needs to be stored at a high level, where reach trucks or narrow aisle forklifts (VNA forklifts) are used to stack goods.

3.How will the goods be received and shipped?

Materials shipped at loading docks are allowed more room to maneuver than materials received and shipped at cold storage rooms. This will affect the size, lift capacity and maneuverability of the forklift required.

4.What is the weight of the cargo that needs to be lifted?

In the material handling industry, bigger isn't always better. The corresponding forklift can be selected according to the weight of the goods. Larger trucks require more space to move and may cost more, so it is not the most suitable solution for those who have to move heavy loads in tight spaces.

5.At what height must materials be stored?

Lift height and load size determine the capacity of the forklift. Larger load sizes can skew the forklift's center of gravity and reduce lift capacity, so the lift height of the material that needs to be stored is as important as the load.

Once the characteristics of the cargo have been determined, lifting equipment capabilities and options should be evaluated. How the forklift is powered (gasoline, diesel, electric), mast options, access type, safety features, and many other factors must be considered when deciding which forklift supplier to use.

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