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The Characteristics And Use Guide Of Standing Type Electric Tow Tractor

Nov 06, 2023

The standing type electric tow tractor has the advantages of high energy conversion efficiency, low noise, no exhaust gas emission and convenient control. It can meet the needs of various logistics transportation and distribution systems, and can significantly improve production efficiency. With the development of the logistics industry and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the market demand for electric tow tractors is growing. Where the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, electric vehicles are very useful. Here's NEOlift to explain in detail.




1. Zero emission: Station driven electric tractor adopts electric drive system, does not produce exhaust emissions and exhaust gas pollution, and is environmentally friendly. It uses batteries as a power source that can be regenerated by charging, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

2. Silent operation: Compared with traditional internal combustion engine driven vehicles, the electric drive system of station electric tractor runs with lower noise, reducing environmental noise pollution and providing a quieter working environment.

3. Flexibility and mobility: the station-driven electric tractor usually has a compact design and a small turning radius, allowing it to freely turn and operate in a small space. At the same time, the electric drive system provides smooth acceleration and braking, making it easier for the operator to control the vehicle, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of handling operations.

4. High efficiency and energy saving: the electric drive system has high efficiency in energy conversion, compared with the internal combustion engine driven tractor, its energy efficiency is higher. In addition, the braking energy recovery system of the electric tractor can return the energy generated during the braking process to the battery, further improving energy efficiency and driving range.

5. Programmability and automation: Modern station-driven electric tractors are usually equipped with advanced electronic control systems, which can achieve various intelligent functions. For example, they can be programmed to automate specific handling tasks, reducing the risk of human input and operational errors.

6. Standing driving: Different from the traditional seated electric tractor, the standing electric tractor uses a standing driving mode. The operator stands at the back of the vehicle and can better observe and control the transportation process of the goods.



Use Guide:

1. Wear personal protective equipment: Operators should wear personal protective equipment such as work clothes, safety shoes and helmets that meet safety requirements to ensure their own safety.

2. Understand the vehicle control system: familiar with the control board of the vehicle and the function of the relevant operation handle, understand the role and operation method of each controller.

3. On and off operation: Use the correct way to get on and off the vehicle, hold the body with your left hand and the handle with your right hand. Do not cross the vehicle from behind.

4. Cargo loading: Ensure that the goods to be transported are securely placed and fixed with appropriate fixing devices. During the loading process, pay attention to the center of gravity and balance of the goods.

5. Start the vehicle: press the start button or turn the key to turn on the power supply, and adjust the speed controller or joystick to control the speed of the vehicle as needed. Start slowly and accelerate, avoid sudden stops and starts.

6. Turning and turning: When turning or turning, slow down in advance and observe the front and surrounding environment to ensure safe passage. Carefully adjust the direction to avoid collision with obstacles.

7. Stop: When slowing down and stopping, slow down in advance and stop within a safe distance. Use parking brakes to secure the vehicle to avoid slippage and unexpected movement.

8. Maintenance: Regularly check the vehicle's battery status, braking system, suspension system, etc., to ensure its normal operation. Timely handling of vehicle faults or abnormal situations.


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