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Seated Type Electric Tow Tractor: The Helper Of Efficient Logistics Transportation

Nov 09, 2023

The seated type electric tow tractor is used for the transportation of a large number of goods inside and outside the workshop, the handling of materials in the assembly line, and the material handling in the large factory section. The materials are often stored in the trailer, and the tractor is needed to solve the efficient transportation of materials in different sections. The rated towed load varies from 1000kg to 20000kg.NEOlift will explain in detail.




1. Driver's seat: The seated type electric tow tractor is equipped with a comfortable driver's seat, which the operator can sit on for driving and control, providing better operational vision and comfort.

2. Autonomous driving: These trucks are usually equipped with autonomous driving systems, which can drive automatically according to the set path and instructions, thereby reducing the burden of the operator and improving work efficiency.

3. Electric drive: The mounted electric carrier uses batteries to provide power, no fuel, environmental protection and low noise. The electric drive system provides smooth and reliable power output for both indoor and outdoor working environments.

4. Lifting capacity: These trucks are usually equipped with pallets or cargo racks that can carry a certain weight of goods. Some models also have a lift function to lift and lower cargo for fast and efficient logistics operations.

5. Compact body: The body design of the passenger electric carrier is compact, which is easy to operate and turn in a small space. They typically have excellent handling and a small turning radius, making them suitable for use in narrow shelf aisles or crowded warehouse environments.

6. Safety performance: These trucks are usually equipped with safety systems, such as seat belts, anti-lock braking systems, anti-roll protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator and those around them.

7. Simple and easy to use: The operation of the mounted electric carrier is relatively simple, and the operator only needs to be familiar with the basic driving skills and control operations to operate.




Use Guide:

1. Safe operation: Before using a riding truck, first make sure you have received relevant training in the operation of the truck and are familiar with the control and safety rules of the vehicle. Wear a hard hat and other necessary personal protective equipment.

2. Start and stop: Turn on the vehicle power supply and switch the vehicle to driving mode. Use the acceleration and brake pedals to control the start and stop of the vehicle.

3. Steering operation: The steering wheel or lever is used to control the steering of the vehicle. Pay attention to the steering radius of the vehicle to avoid collision or jamming obstacles.

4. Acceleration and braking: Use the accelerator pedal to increase the speed of the vehicle, use the brake pedal to slow down and stop. In the acceleration and braking should be carried out gradually, so as not to lose control of the vehicle or the goods slip.

5. Loading and unloading: Place the goods on the platform or container of the truck, and ensure that it is firmly and reliably fixed. Pay attention to balance and center of gravity during loading and unloading to avoid overload and cargo tilt.

6. Road conditions: Pay attention to the level and slope of the road surface, avoid driving on too rugged or inclined roads, to ensure the stability and safety of the truck.

7. Charging and maintenance: Charge the electric carrier regularly and follow the charging guide in its instruction manual. Keep the vehicle clean and regularly inspect and maintain critical components of the vehicle such as batteries, tires, and braking systems.


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