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Reasons for choosing electric forklifts.

Apr 17, 2023

With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the development of the logistics and warehousing industry, the market share of electric forklifts is growing. In addition, sales of electric forklifts are expected to continue to grow. Three reasons for choosing electric forklifts for your reference.

electric counterbalance forklift truck

1) Fuel saving:

Fossil fuels like gasoline are now expensive, and electric forklifts can cost 25 to 30 percent less to operate than gasoline forklifts. The savings add up quickly when you look at the total cost of ownership.

Case in point: A 3-ton internal combustion forklift running 2,000 hours consumes about $4,500 a year in LPG. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, consume only $700 in annual electricity bills. 85% energy savings per truck!

2) Save maintenance cost:

If saving on gas alone isn't enough to convince you, check out how electric forklifts compare to gas powered forklifts in terms of maintenance costs. Electric forklifts have approximately 50% fewer parts than pneumatic forklifts. Fewer parts means less maintenance.

3) Save space:

Electric forklifts are more compact in design than internal combustion forklifts because they do not require fuel storage. If your aisles are narrow or you need more storage space, electric forklifts can help. A more compact vehicle body allows them to travel using a smaller radius, so they are easier to move around the facility.

If you choose to move to an all-electric forklift, you can also save on gas storage space.

More reasons to choose electric forklifts:

Of course, there are more than three reasons to choose an electric forklift for your warehouse needs. The benefits of electric forklifts also include fewer emissions, less heat and less noise. All of these factors improve the quality of the warehouse environment and make your workers more comfortable. Reducing emissions is a factor in improving employee health and safety. Electric forklifts do not produce greenhouse gas emissions, are more friendly to the environment, and contribute to the green development of enterprises.

Better battery performance:

Today's electric forklifts are available with higher capacity batteries. NEOlift has industry-leading electric forklifts that can run for up to 8 hours or more in a single shift. Some of our electric forklifts can run more than 4,000 hours per year on a single battery.

How much does an electric forklift cost?

Electric forklifts may initially cost more than internal combustion powered forklifts. However, after considering the overall cost of an electric forklift, you will find that its overall price is significantly lower than that of an internal combustion forklift. So electric forklifts are a better choice for you in the future.


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