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OEM: Refined, Excellent Quality For Customer

Jan 08, 2024

The term "OEM" originates from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which originally means original equipment manufacturer. It is often called "OEM", "OEM production", etc. from different perspectives. Although the names are different, their Essentially, it means that companies with advantageous brands entrust other companies to process and produce in order to reduce costs, shorten transportation distances, and seize the market. They also provide product design parameters and technical equipment support to these production companies to meet product quality, specifications and requirements. A production and operation model in which the products produced are sold under the client's trademark according to the model and other requirements. NEO has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has mature production technology and technology teams. Due to the trust of customers, we already have many OEM overseas customers. This order comes from Bulgaria. The product is electric counterbalance forklift with diesel chassis, which is to change the traditional internal combustion forklift into an electric counterbalance forklift. Throughout 2023, 96 units have been OEM produced for this customer.



OEM advantages:

OEM is a phenomenon that arises with the refinement of social division of labor. It actually represents the idea of division of labor and refined competition. Its biggest feature is that it achieves the separation of brand and production, allowing producers to focus more on production. , the brand holder is freed from tedious production matters. And focus on technology, service and brand promotion. It can be seen that the operating mechanism of the OEM production method is a production model that realizes supply chain management based on the idea of mass customization under a special commission-agent framework.

1. Technical expertise: Forklift OEMs usually have extensive technical knowledge and experience, and have professional capabilities in designing, manufacturing and improving forklifts. They typically have their own R&D teams and engineers who can drive improvements in forklift design and functionality through innovation and technological advancement.

2. Quality and reliability: As a company focused on forklift manufacturing, OEMs usually have strict quality control and quality management systems. They are committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of their forklifts, which are rigorously tested and verified to meet customer needs and standards. This provides users with reliable forklift products that can ensure long-term, stable operation.

3. Accessories and service support: Forklift OEMs usually provide complete accessory supply and after-sales service support. They can provide users with original parts, ensuring that forklifts receive timely support when they need repair or replacement parts. In addition, the OEM also provides technical support, training and maintenance services to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the forklift.

4. Customization capabilities: OEMs are usually able to provide customized forklift solutions based on customer needs and specific application scenarios. They can design and manufacture forklifts of specific types, sizes and functions according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different industries and applications. This ability to customize can make the forklift more adaptable and efficient, making it better suited to specific work environments.

5. Intellectual property rights and patents: Forklift OEMs usually have their own intellectual property rights and patented technologies, which allows them to provide unique features and innovations for forklift products. These patented technologies improve forklift performance, safety and sustainability and provide a competitive advantage.



Converting a forklift from traditional fuel to electric (oil to electric) can bring many quality advantages:

1. Environmental protection: The oil-to-electric forklift eliminates the exhaust emissions caused by using fuel, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment. Electric forklifts use electricity as a power source and have zero emissions and no noise pollution, making them more suitable for use indoors and in noise-sensitive environments.

2. High energy efficiency: Compared with fuel forklifts, electric forklifts are more energy efficient. Electric motors have higher energy utilization efficiency and have better power output and acceleration performance than internal combustion engines. In addition, electric forklifts can also convert braking energy into electrical storage through energy recovery technology, improving overall energy efficiency.

3. Low maintenance costs: Compared with fuel forklifts, electric forklifts have fewer power transmission components, such as engines, transmission systems, and lubricants. This means that electric forklifts reduce many routine maintenance during operation, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

4. High reliability: Since electric forklifts have no fuel system and traditional engines, they have fewer mechanical moving parts compared to fuel forklifts, thus reducing the risk of failure and damage. In addition, battery technology for electric forklifts continues to improve, improving battery life and stability.

5. Operation comfort: Electric forklifts generally have lower noise and vibration levels, providing a smoother and more comfortable operating environment. The absence of tailpipe emissions also reduces the risk of employee exposure to harmful gases and particulate matter.


There are also some challenges in converting oil-to-electric forklifts, including battery weight, cruising range and charging time. However, as technology continues to develop and improve, these issues are being addressed, making electric forklifts a more attractive and viable option.

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