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Keep Improving, Customized 3-Way Electric Pallet Stacker

Jan 15, 2024

The 3-way VNA forklift is a kind of logistics equipment used for high-density shelf storage. It adopts an ergonomic operating unit and thumb-controlled hydraulic lifting, lowering, steering and loading functions. It has a comprehensive and convenient steering wheel for safe and precise operations, and the side seats can be rotated to eliminate fatigue. Information transmission is realized through the graphic display, and important operating information is quickly and reliably displayed in the form of pictograms. Compared with traditional electric pallet stackers and electric reach trucks, it can achieve efficient and flexible cargo stacking operations in a small warehouse environment.




1. Super bending ability: The three-way narrow aisle stacker can operate in narrow aisles with a very small turning radius, and can even travel through aisle widths of only 1.6 to 2 meters. This enables higher shelf storage density within limited warehouse space.

2. Multi-directional travel: Unlike traditional forklifts, three-way narrow aisle stackers have the ability to travel in multiple directions. It can travel forward and backward, sideways, and can rotate 90 degrees to adapt to different operating needs. This multi-directional travel design makes the stacking operation more flexible and efficient, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

3. High lifting height: Three-way narrow-aisle stackers usually have a large lifting height and can meet high-level stacking requirements. By lifting goods to a higher location, warehouse space can be maximized and goods storage density can be increased.

4. Automation function: Some modern three-way narrow aisle stackers have automation functions and are equipped with laser navigation systems, automatic positioning systems and intelligent control systems. These technologies can make palletizing operations more accurate, reliable and provide greater safety.

5. Power drive: Three-way narrow aisle stackers usually use an electric drive system, which can ensure smooth operation and low noise. Electric drives also reduce environmental pollution and increase energy efficiency.

6. Operator skill requirements: Since the three-way narrow aisle stacker needs to operate in a narrow space, the operator needs special skills and experience. They need to be familiar with stacker truck manipulation and navigation techniques and have good spatial awareness.


Operation precautions:

1. Safety awareness: Operators should maintain safety awareness at all times and abide by safety regulations and operating procedures. They should be aware of their surroundings, especially obstacles and other vehicles in narrow passages.

2. Observe the channel: Before operating, the operator should carefully observe the width and height of the narrow channel and ensure that the stacker can pass safely. They should note any obstructions or tight spots that may affect operation.

3. Familiar with operating controls: Operators should be familiar with the operating control system of the three-way narrow aisle stacker and understand the functions and usage of each controller. They should be able to accurately control the movement, lifting and lowering of the forklift.

4. Accurate stacking: When stacking goods, the operator should accurately control the position and height of the forklift. They need to ensure that goods are stable and avoid collisions with shelves or other obstacles.

5. Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the mechanical components and electrical system of the three-way narrow aisle stacker to ensure its normal operation. Operators should clean and lubricate relevant parts regularly and report any abnormalities.

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