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Guide To Use Of Electric Pallet Stacker

Sep 19, 2023

NEOlift series of Electric Pallet Stackers, including standing-on type, walking type, fully automatic, semi-automatic, etc., can also provide customized services. This introduction of the use of standing-on type Electric Pallet Stackers guide to help in the use of maintenance.


Introduction to the forklift

The forklift drives with electric power, and walking is controlled by the switch on then operating handle, the operating arm controls steering.

The model of NSZ10 can load 1000kg at most .

The model of NSZ15 can load 1500kg at most.

The model of NSZ20 can load 2000kg at most. 

The forklift adopts 24V electronic system, and adjust its speed steplessly by a set of integrated circuit controller to ensure steady speed and acceleration in the course of driving. The forks rise by the advanced electric hydraulic pump, lifting and lowering the forks by lifting and lowering button on the operating handle.

If the forklift works in the cold and moist environment, it should be equipped with low-temperature oil in order to adapt to the environment.

1. Suitable occasion of the forklift.

The forklift is suitable for loading and unloading and transporting goods on a pallet.

2. Forbidden occasion of the forklift.

  It can’t be used in the following situations:

  ※The places can cause fire or explosion, such as oil districts.

  ※The forklift is used as the tractor of other trucks.

  ※It’s used for transporting or lifting and lowering people.

  ※It works on the meadow or the sand ground.

3. Safety sign

The following picture is a safety sign plate, pointing out that people are forbidden to stand on or down the forks to prevent an accident from occurring.



Control Device

1. Lifting control

Turn on the key switch, operate the handle button according to the instruction direction, you can lift or lower the forks.

2. The control of driving direction and speed.

Rotate the switch on the handle head to control driving direction, You may regulate the speed and acceleration with it.

3. The safety switch which prevents unexpected situations

The operator operates facing to the forks and goods, when you turn the forklift backwards by mistake, and you have no enough time to avoid your body, the operating arm is interfered with your body, the control switch is closed, the forklift brakes promptly. Before continuing running, you must resume the selection switch of the direction at the middle position.

4. Horn

The horn can ring when you press it.

5. Socket assembly

Pull out the socket and turn off the power in the following situations.


※Under the urgent and dangerous situation


Be careful!

While you weld around the forklift, the batteries are easy to be damaged. If the weld current scurries into the batteries, they will be destroyed, it is necessary to pull out the socket at this moment.

When charging, pull out the socket and link the charger plug with the movable socket After finishing charging, resume the outlet to where it is.

6. Key switch

This switch is used to control the circuit on or off.

7. Voltmeter

As the key switch is turned on, the voltmeter shows the voltage value of the group of the battery promptly, while working normally(except climbing on the slope),the voltage is lower than 21V that indicates that the battery amount is insufficient, charge or change another group sufficient batteries as soon as possible, then continue to use it.



1. Startup

Please go on in proper order as follows, otherwise the forklift does not run:

1.1 Make sure that the outlet is inserted firmly.

1.2 Turn the switch of the key to the on position.

1.3 Make sure that the group of the batteries has enough electricity. During operation, the value of the voltmeter can’t be lower than 21V.

Be careful!

Operating the forklift at a low electricity for a long time will damage the life-span of the batteries. You can’t start the forklift before finishing charging.

1.4 Leave the supreme position downwards.

1.5 Choose the driving direction correctly, control the speed in the ideal state, accelerate it to the ideal speed slowly.


Don’t operate the forklift with serious function defect and danger. Operators should check the following safety functions at first before working every day :

※The function of the horn is normal.

※The operation function is normal

※The function of braking is normal.

※The hydraulic function is normal.

2. Braking.

2.1When the controlling arm moves to the supreme position upwards, the forklift truck will turn off the power brake .

2.2When the direction switch is in normal running and turns to the opposite direction, it can carry out the function of electric brake. Controlling the running speed can control the brake force of the driving motor.

2.3Parking the forklift

Make the forklift stop by loosening the driving direction switch and resuming it to the empty position.

3. Steering

3.1Steering is controlled by the operating arm, steering angle can be at the left and right direction  in the range of 90 degrees.

3.2If the forklift meets barriers, it’s forbidden to pass by force, you can detour the barriers by rotating the operating arm to move ahead or go backwards.


Do not allow the wheels skid.

If there’s greasy dirt on the operator’s hands or shoes, it is easy to fail operation, and make the forklift out of control, so you should wipe your hands or the shoes before driving.

4. Parking

4.1Loosen the direction switch.

4.2Loosen the operating arm, it will return to the braking position automatically.

4.3Lower the forks to the lowest position, make the hydraulic system have no pressure.

4.4Make the key switch in the off position.

Be careful!

Do not allow to drive without authorization.

If you leave, please take the key away with you.



Please carry on a routine maintenance after the forklift works for 500 hours. The efficiency, life-span and security of the forklift depend on daily maintenance.

Maintaining the forklift, the spare part changed should be offered by our company to ensure the quality. We propose to get in touch with the agent of our products or the after sale service department of our company to make your forklift work safely and economically.

1. Safety regulation of maintenance

The people who study systemically can maintain the forklift.

1.1 Keep maintaining place clean.

1.2 Don’t bring loose or valuable objects with you while maintaining.

Be careful!

When you maintain the electric system of the forklift, metal touches electrified electronic elements, which is easy to cause short circuit or burning, so please take off your watch, earrings or other ornaments.

1.3 Pull out the outlet and shut off the power first before maintaining the forklift.

1.4 Turn off the key switch of the forklift before opening the left and right case covers or the electric system.

1.5 Before checking the hydraulic system, you should lower the forks, release systematic pressure.

1.6 Check whether the forklift leaks oil or not, please wipe with paper or paper board, be sure not to touch it with your hands directly so as not to scald.

1.7 The oil may be higher in the driving device or hydraulic system, so you should make the forklift cool first, then change gear oil or hydraulic oil, so that the high temperature oil can’t cause burning.

1.8 Hydraulic system should be added with new clean oil.

Be careful!

If hydraulic oil is not clean, it will influence accurate hydraulic components, make ability of the whole hydraulic system reduce.

The used hydraulic oil with different brands is harmful to hydraulic components and influence ability of the system. So while adding or changing the hydraulic oil, pay attention to using the same brand.

1.9 Please obey relevant regulations, protect the environment, store and discharge the oil according to the regulations, don’t discharge it to sewages.

1.10 When welding the forklift, please shut off the battery power. Because welding electric current may enter the batteries when you weld, in order to prevent it from taking place, please shut off the battery power.

1.11When working below the forklift, you should fix the forklift with a supporting shelf.


If it is improper to support the forklift, it will overturn and hurt people. If the forklift has no hoisting equipment or supporting shelf to protect, it’s forbidden to work under it.

2. Maintenance which users can finish.

2.1 Regular maintenance and safety inspection.

(1)Carrying on regular maintenance and checking the forklift is responsibility of operators.

(2)If you don’t carry on regular maintenance to the forklift, which will influence security and reliability of the forklift, it is easy to cause serious accidents.

(3)While checking and finding out the trouble, you should repair it at once and stop using it.

2. 2 You can finish the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance mentioned in the following chart.

Position number

Check point

Check content


Operation controlling

Checking whether its function is normal


The safety switch that prevents unexpected situations

Checking whether its function is normal



Checking whether its function is normal



Checking whether its function is normal


Hydraulic device

Checking whether its function is normal



Checking whether its function is normal


Hydraulic system

Checking the oil level and seeing whether it leaks oil


Driving device

Checking whether it has unusual noise and oil leakage


Electromagnetic clutch

Checking whether it works normally and whether it keeps in touch or not



Checking whether its function is normal



Checking whether they’re damaged, getting rid of greasy dirt, metal scrap

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