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Daily Use And Maintenance Of Hand Pallet Truck

Sep 25, 2023

Hand pallet trucks are undoubtedly the most common handling tools in modern logistics, which can be seen in large and small factories. It is also widely used in postal services, airports, warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, logistics and other industries. In the modern society, the handling of materials has been inseparable from the hand pallet truck, which is also known as the "king of the land".




      In the process of social development and change, the demand for manual trucks is also producing new changes, and enterprises with personalized needs are gradually increasing. In order to meet market demand, manual trucks are also produced in the market, such as: Long manual pallet truck, wide manual pallet truck, large tonnage manual pallet truck, scissor high lift table pallet truck, electronic weighing truck, electric pallet truck and other types of truck varieties, constantly meet the market demand.


     However, all varieties of manual trucks are facing such a problem, that is, the after-sales service of manual trucks to maintain the problem. "There is no bad thing in the world", and no matter how good the product is, it is also damaged or eliminated, so solving the after-sales service maintenance problem is the guarantee for the continuous operation of the manual truck. Below NEOlift will give you an explanation of the manual handling of the most prone to problems and how to solve these problems.





      1. Oil pump: oil pump is the key part of all the trucks, once the oil pump has a problem, that is, the truck is declared to stop working, even if the other parts are good, without any damage, it is impossible to work. The oil pump is composed of a lot of parts together, of which the most prone to problems are dust rings, O-ring seals, steel balls and other accessories, once found that these accessories have problems or wear and damage in the process of use, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace, replace these parts.


      2. Oil cylinder: The oil cylinder plays a crucial role in the whole lifting process of the truck, and it is also through it to achieve the rise and fall of the goods. Therefore, if the fork can not fall, or can not rise, the reasons are as follows: first, the piston rod and cylinder may be damaged due to overload or partial load when the goods are loaded; Second, the piston rod is exposed to rust for a long time, which hinders the smooth movement of the piston; 3. The adjusted nuts and hexagon nuts are not in the correct position; At this time, according to the judgment, replace the piston rod or cylinder, and adjust the nut when the car is not used.



3. Oil seal: The oil seal is the key component between the piston rod and the cylinder, and is generally equipped with imported sealing rings. Mainly good sealing, wear resistance, long use time. The oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon 70% of the situation is in the oil seal above, if the oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon is found, check in time, if the sealing ring aging and damage, choose high-quality sealing ring replacement.



4. Wheels: Wheels are a wear product, long-term use of handling goods will wear, and the wheels of the truck are also divided into many kinds, such as: nylon wheels, PU wheels, polyurethane nylon, rubber wheels, bakelen and so on. Most trucks are equipped with nylon wheels because the market is common and the price is cheap, but the wear is poor and the noise is large when walking. Handling vehicle wheel wear to a certain extent, please replace in time, expensive, cheap, customer choice.



5. Lever frame: lever frame is the key component between the oil pump and the push rod, the lifting support of the hydraulic cylinder, the handling load of the goods are supported by the lever frame and achieve a balance, because when handling the goods, there may be overload, partial load and other phenomena often lead to the deformation or fracture of the lever frame. This phenomenon must occur, the truck can not work normally, so contact the manufacturer or buy and replace the lever frame in the market.

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