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Advantages of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas forklifts.

Mar 10, 2023

Advantages of liquefied petroleum gas/natural gas forklifts over diesel/gasoline forklifts.

LPG and gasoline forklift

For customers:

1. Save fuel costs:

Due to the continuous rise in oil prices, gas forklifts save fuel costs by 10%-30% compared with diesel forklifts and gasoline forklifts;

2. Prevent product fouling:

Since forklifts are non-road vehicles, they can only be used in factories, warehouses and other companies. There are tiny particles, sulfides and harmful additives in diesel and gasoline. Or the products in the warehouse are contaminated, and it will damage the physical and mental health of employees for a long time. The gas has been completely gasified before entering the cylinder, and it is mixed with air in gas phase and gas phase, which is easy to burn completely, and does not contain tiny particles, sulfides and harmful additives, and the emission can easily meet Euro II or Euro III standards;

3. Improve working environment:

Factory buildings and warehouses are often poorly ventilated, and employees working in the environment of harmful substances and black smoke emitted by diesel and gasoline for a long time will damage their physical and mental health. Moreover, gas engine forklifts are electronically controlled, and the noise pollution is far lower than that of diesel forklifts.

For regions:

1. Conducive to environmental protection:

Compared with gasoline, the use of gas reduces CO emissions by 90%, HC by 75%, and NOx by more than 35%. Compared with diesel oil, it eliminates PM (particulate, soot) - the generation of black smoke.

2. Energy diversification:

The use of gas can greatly alleviate the shortage of diesel and gasoline in the region, diversify energy utilization, and make the regional energy structure more reasonable.

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