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What is an electric order picker?

Mar 27, 2023

Order pickers can be divided into high level order picker and low level order picker. It is a device designed to help operators comfortably pick items at low levels and order picking at high racks.

 high level order picker

1.NEOlift's high-level order picker has a load capacity of 1 ton, a maximum lifting height of 9 meters, and is used for heights above two levels of shelf in warehouses or distribution centers.


1.The standard direction display cover can easily know the driving direction even at a high position;

2.Equipped with driving alarm and seat belts to ensure driving safety;

3.Mast buffer function;

4.Series of high-position order picker;

5.With driving alarm and safety belt.

 low-level order picker

NEOlift's low-level order picker has a load of 2 tons, and the driving mode is standing and driving. It can carry out non-standard customization of forks and can carry two to three pallets at a time.It is suitable for low-level picking and handling of medium and long-distance goods, mainly used in supermarkets, hardware warehouses, food workshops, etc.


1.With the unique floating suspension system, the driving wheels are always on the ground, with good grip and no slippage, and the forklift has excellent stability;

2.Standard turning speed limit function;

3.The standard CURTIS controller is reliable and durable;

4.The AMP waterproof and dustproof plug-in provides reliable protection for the circuit and greatly reduces electrical failures;

5.Electromagnetic brake, automatic brake when power off;

6.The mechanical structure of the whole vehicle is solid, and the key parts are made of high-strength steel plates, which are reinforced and durable.

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