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What is a NEOforklift multi-directional forklift reach truck

Oct 09, 2022

The Multi-directional Reach Truck has a load ranges of 2.5-5 tons and a maximum lifting height of 8 meters. The truck can drive forward, backward, left, and right, and can turn 360 degrees in situ. Mainly used in profiles, plates, steel, wood and other long material industries.The Multi-directional Reach Truck makes light work of more than just horizontal travel. The truck design provides excellent visibility and ergonomics when working in high racking. The multifunction control handle allows simultaneous use of hydraulic functions and travel in one intuitive package. For extra assistance when working in tall racking, the optional carriage-mounted camera system feeds video of the forks and pallet to the LCD display for optimal control and precision.

Seated type multi-directional reach truck

The Multi-directional Forklifts allow movement for long and awkward loads in all four directions, and you get all the benefits of counterbalanced forklifts, sideloader forklifts and narrow aisle lift trucks in one vehicle.

multi-directional reach truck and quickly moves in all directions to easily maneuver long loads through narrow aisles and doorways. It handles long loads safely and efficiently. It also effortlessly carries loads along the side of the machine which helps reduce fleet and product damage.

Designed to be three forklifts in one, the forklift acts as a side loader forklift, counterbalance forklift and narrow aisle forklift. Fitting down narrow aisles with long heavy loads is a breeze, the aisle only needs to be the width of the machine.

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