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What is a LPG forklift?

Feb 15, 2023

LPG forklifts refer to forklifts that use liquefied natural gas and gasoline as the main fuel.

LPG and gasoline forklift

LPG forklift advantages:

1. The energy-saving effect is obvious. Due to the continuous rise of oil prices, gas forklifts save fuel costs by 20% to 35% compared with diesel forklifts.

2. Natural gas is a clean energy. The exhaust emission of gas forklifts is far better than that of diesel forklifts. The CO emissions are reduced by 90%, HC by 75%, and NOx by more than 35%. No black smoke problems like diesel forklifts. Care for the health of the company's employees and prevent the company's products from being defaced.

3. The power performance is good. The on-board electronic control system (ECU) designed by Jucheng Technology can increase the output power and torque of the engine by 5% to 10% compared with the same type of diesel engine.

4. Extended engine life. Gasification improves the working condition of the engine and improves the lubrication condition of the engine. The service life of diesel engine is more than doubled. It can save customers more than 30% of maintenance costs.

5. The use of gas can greatly alleviate the shortage of diesel in the region during peak hours, diversify energy utilization, and avoid the impact of diesel shortage on enterprise production.

6. Improve the working environment, improve the enthusiasm of employees and the recognition of the enterprise.

7. Contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the region, and enhance the social image and popularity of the enterprise.

8. The cruising range is long, far greater than that of compressed natural gas forklifts, and higher than that of diesel forklifts of the same tonnage.

9. For dual-fuel forklifts, the working time of this type of forklift is about doubled due to the backup of two fuels. Multi-shift working system in favor of customers.

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