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What are the precautions for the use of special forklifts for cold storage?

Jan 10, 2023

What are the differences between cold storage forklifts and conventional forklifts? Cold storage electric forklifts play an important role in the application of the cold chain industry. Due to the special working environment of the cold chain industry, the electric forklifts used must also consider their operating capabilities in low temperature environments.

Cold storage electric forklift

The first is the impact on the battery in a low temperature environment. The lower the temperature, the smaller the actual available capacity of the battery. Therefore, cold storage forklifts are usually equipped with large-capacity batteries. Under normal circumstances, the battery capacity in a low-temperature environment is only 80% of that in a normal temperature environment, so the battery for a cold storage forklift is larger than that used in a normal temperature environment.

Secondly, forklifts work alternately in a normal temperature environment and a low temperature environment, and it is easy to produce condensed water, which will cause damage to the forklift components. Therefore, the cold storage forklift has stricter manufacturing process requirements, and the body needs to be covered with waterproof and antifreeze special grease , to protect the car body and interior from corrosion.

Then there is high humidity in the cold storage forklift, the ground is wet and slippery, and there may even be ice. In this case, the forklift must have good anti-skid ability. Cold storage forklifts are generally equipped with special anti-skid tires.

The low temperature environment will also affect the hydraulic oil and hydraulic high-pressure hose. The hydraulic oil is easy to thicken in the low temperature environment, and the hydraulic oil pipe is easy to become brittle. Therefore, the cold storage forklift must also be equipped with special hydraulic oil and high-pressure oil pipes.

Then there are the following precautions when using forklifts in cold storage:

1. The cold storage forklift cannot be parked directly in the cold storage after use, otherwise it will cause damage to the accessories of the hydraulic system or electrical system.

2. Before entering the cold storage, the forklift of the cold storage type must perform hydraulic pressure and walking movements until the temperature of the accessories of the whole vehicle rises before entering.

3. According to different grades of cold storage vehicles, it is necessary to work in the cold storage strictly according to the standard operation time.

4. If there is condensed water on the surface after use, it must be dried or wait for the condensed water to dry before entering the cold storage again.

5. The oil used in the cold storage vehicle must be regularly maintained and replaced, and the maintenance cycle of the lubricating oil must be shortened as much as possible to prevent unnecessary losses caused by the wear of the lubricating point.

6. In order to prevent the electrolyte of the cold storage type forklift battery from freezing and cannot be left empty for a long time after discharge, it is necessary to charge it in time and maintain a high specific gravity of the electrolyte.

7. If the forklift fails in the cold storage, it is necessary to move the forklift out of the cold storage as soon as possible and repair it in the buffer zone or maintenance area. The cold storage forklift is a special handling machine. The attention points when using it and the daily maintenance methods are directly related to the service life of the forklift. Professional maintenance and repair can ensure the effective utilization rate and integrity of the cold storage forklift and improve its service life. .


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