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What are the advantages of lithium-ion battery forklifts compared to lead-acid battery forklifts?

Jun 24, 2022

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Advantages of lithium-ion battery forklifts compared to lead-acid battery forklifts:

1.Fast charging speed

Lithium-ion batteries rely on their own chemical characteristics to meet faster charging speed requirements. It only takes 2 hours to charge from 10% to 100%. It takes 8-10 hours to charge a lead-acid battery from 20% to 100%.

2. Charging without memory

The non-memory feature of forklift lithium-ion batteries enables random and intermittent charging without affecting the lifespan. Users can efficiently use work breaks and rest time to replenish power, which is convenient for users to coordinate their work. In the process of charging and discharging, the energy loss of the lithium-ion battery is small, and the rated output power is always maintained regardless of the remaining power of the lithium-ion battery.

Lead-acid batteries have charging memory, such as random or intermittent charging, which will seriously damage the battery and shorten the battery life. The correct charge and discharge operation of lead-acid batteries is: 20%-100% full charge and discharge; regular equalization charge. It is inconvenient for users to coordinate work.

3. Long service life

Lead-acid batteries have an average cycle life of 1,200 cycles (about 6,000 hours of operation), while lithium iron phosphate batteries have a cycle life of 4,000+ cycles (about 24,000 hours of operation). In actual use, the lithium iron phosphate battery still has more than 65% of its capacity after being used for 4,000+ times, while the capacity of the lead-acid battery is less than 50% after being used for 1,200 times.

4. Wide discharge temperature range

At high or low temperatures between -20°C and 60°C, lithium-ion batteries have good discharge performance. At -20°C, the discharge efficiency of lithium-ion batteries is 80% to 90%, while lead-acid The battery discharge efficiency is less than 30%.

5. Improve operational efficiency

Lithium-ion battery fast charging mode, 1-3 hours fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operations. It is ready to charge and use without the time and safety risks of battery replacement, and the power is stronger, which can completely replace internal combustion forklifts. Technology monitors the status of forklifts and batteries to improve the management level of forklifts.

6. Lithium-ion battery with special performance

Compared with lead-acid batteries, the use of lithium-ion batteries in forklifts can also derive a variety of lithium-ion batteries with special properties by changing the formula, providing a variety of power supports for the innovative design of forklifts. If it can be made into a low-temperature lithium-ion battery, its performance cannot be achieved by lead-acid batteries.


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