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Maintenance measures for internal combustion forklifts in summer.

Jul 12, 2022

Internal combustion diesel forklift

Ⅰ. Do a good job in the early maintenance of internal combustion forklifts

In summer, it is best to do a comprehensive maintenance of internal combustion forklifts, and focus on maintenance of equipment and components that are prone to high temperature failures; replace the three filters and engine oil of the engine, replace or adjust the belt, and check the fan, water pump, and generator , Whether the performance of the compressor is reliable, if necessary, carry out maintenance, repair or replacement.

Appropriately increase the viscosity grade of forklift engine oil, and check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth; replace aging wires, plugs, and hoses, check and fasten fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage; clean up the oil and dust on the engine body to ensure The internal combustion forklift engine is "lightly packed" and has good heat dissipation.

Ⅱ. In summer construction, the method of key maintenance and maintenance of forklifts

1. Forklift engine oil and lubricating oil everywhere need to be replaced with summer oil, and the amount of oil is appropriate; check frequently for oil leakage, especially for internal combustion forklift fuel, which should be replenished in time.

2. The forklift battery fluid needs to be replenished in time, the charging current should be appropriately reduced, the connectors of each circuit must be firm and reliable, the aging lines need to be replaced, and the capacity of the fuse should meet the requirements for safe use. Internal combustion forklifts should be equipped with fire extinguishers.

3. Park the forklift in a cool place as much as possible to avoid sun exposure. Properly reduce the tire pressure, beware of blowouts.

4. Pay attention to the damage of rainwater and dust to the forklift. It is best to replace all kinds of filter elements regularly. The radiator of the hydraulic system should be cleaned regularly so that it can maintain a good heat dissipation effect. Avoid prolonged overload work. It is strictly forbidden to use water to cool down the brakes and other places that are overheated.

5. Check whether the steel structure of the forklift, the transmission box, and the axle are flexible, and whether there are small cracks, so as to prevent the damage from increasing due to high temperature in summer. If the rust is found, it should be derusted, repaired, and painted in time to avoid excessive rain in summer, which will lead to aggravated corrosion. .

For the maintenance of internal combustion forklifts, especially in the high temperature environment in summer, the internal combustion forklifts should follow the principle of timely, reasonable and comprehensive, so as to improve the performance of forklift equipment and adapt to the high temperature and working conditions of the outside world. Track and manage internal combustion forklifts, keep abreast of forklift equipment performance dynamics, and formulate specific measures for different internal combustion forklifts during specific operations.

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