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The daily maintenance of the internal combustion forklift.

Nov 05, 2019

The daily maintenance of the internal combustion forklift is mainly based on the cleaning, lubrication and inspection of the status of the whole vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle is responsible for it. The driver should strictly follow the content and technical requirements of daily maintenance, once per shift, and should deal with the abnormal state of the forklift in time.

NEO Internal Combustion Forklift

The daily maintenance of the internal combustion forklift includes inspection before use, inspection during work and maintenance after returning to the warehouse. The specific items are as follows:

Inspection items before using the internal combustion forklift

1. Check whether the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and coolant are added enough.

2. Check the entire vehicle for oil and water leakage.

3. Check the working conditions of each instrument, signal, lighting, switch, button and other ancillary equipment.

4. Check whether the engine has abnormal noise and whether it is working normally.

5. Check the technical condition and tightness of steering, braking, tires and traction devices.

6. Check the technical conditions and tightening conditions of the hoisting mechanism, tilting mechanism, fork and hydraulic transmission system.

7. Check whether the on-board tools and accessories are complete.

Inspection items during the work of the internal combustion forklift The inspection during work is usually carried out at about 2 hours.

1. Check the working condition of engine, chassis, working device, hydraulic system, instrument and signal device.

2. Check whether the temperature of the hub, brake drum, transmission, torque converter, gear pump and drive axle is normal.

3. Check the condition and tightness of tires, steering and braking devices.

4. Check the level and temperature of oil, coolant and hydraulic oil, and check whether there is any leakage of oil and water in the whole vehicle.

Maintenance items after the internal combustion forklift returns to the warehouse

1. Clean the vehicle.

2. Add fuel, check lubricating oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, etc. In the northern winter, if antifreeze coolant is not added or there is no warm storage, the coolant should be drained at night.

3. Check the integrity and tightness of the V-belt.

4. Check the tire pressure.

5. Check the tightening condition of the fastening bolts of the fork frame and the lifting chain.

6. Check the lifting hydraulic cylinder, tilting hydraulic cylinder, steering hydraulic cylinder and each pipe joint for leakage.

7. Troubleshoot the faults found in the work.

8. Check and organize on-board tools and accessories.

9. The following items should be added every 40~50h of work:

①Clean each filter.

②Clean the outside of the battery, check the height of the electrolyte liquid level and the cleaning and tightening of the terminals and connecting wires.

③For gasoline engine forklifts, the distributor contacts should be checked, and the distributor shaft and cam should be lubricated.

④Check and fasten the bolts that are easy to loosen outside each assembly of the whole vehicle.

⑤Add grease to the bearings of the coolant pump, the kingpin of the steering knuckle, the ball head pin of the horizontal tie rod, the horizontal pin of the tilting hydraulic cylinder, the center pin of the three-connection plate, the fork frame, and the roller.

⑥ Lubricate and adjust the lifting chain.

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