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Precautions for the use of cold storage forklifts

May 26, 2020

NEO Cold Storage Forklift

What are the precautions for the use of cold storage forklifts?

(1) All cold storage forklifts cannot be turned off and parked in the cold storage, otherwise it may cause damage to the hydraulic system and electrical system

(2) Before entering the cold storage, all electric forklifts in the cold storage must perform hydraulic and walking movements until the temperature of each component rises and then enter the cold storage.

(3) According to the different grades of electric forklifts in the cold storage, operate in the cold storage according to the standard sustainable working hours.

(4) If there is condensed water on the surface of the vehicle after leaving the warehouse, it must be dried or waited for the condensed water to dry before entering the cold storage again.

(5) Use special oil products for cold storage, and regularly maintain and replace them.

(6) Shorten the maintenance period of the lubrication points and prevent the early wear of the lubrication points.

(7) After the battery is discharged, it cannot be left vacant for a long time. Charge it in time and maintain a high specific gravity of the electrolyte to prevent the battery electrolyte from freezing.

(8) Different models cooperate to improve the efficiency of various models in the cold storage.

(9) When the cold storage electric forklift fails in the cold storage, it must be removed from the cold storage as soon as possible and repaired in the buffer zone or maintenance area. Cold storage electric forklift is a special kind of handling machinery. Its use and maintenance methods are directly related to the service life of the forklift. Professional recommended models and the use of various models, professional maintenance and repair can ensure the effective utilization of cold storage forklifts, Uptime and service life.


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