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NEOlift: Specially Made For SA, High-quality Product

Nov 24, 2023

The standing type electric pallet stacker is NEOlift's flagship model and one of the most popular products for Material Handling Equipment. Technology, process, design has reached the leading level of the forklift market, in the world market exit process, by the majority of customers generally welcome, at the same time, the quality has also withstood the test of the market. This time to enter the Saudi market is a customed electric pallet stacker, because of the special temperature and environmental factors in Saudi Arabia, the electric forklift must be able to withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance, and have a battery high temperature protection mechanism. NEOlift has been carefully designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, and customers have expressed great satisfaction with our products after receiving them.


Standing type electric pallet stacker is a kind of material handling equipment which uses battery power as energy source and motor as power source. The main function is to lift heavy objects to the required height, generally used in warehouses, workshops and other places that need logistics handling, with pallets used, can greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing, so it is widely used. Because it is more frequent in daily use, quality is particularly important. NEOlift's electric stacker is already a very mature product, and here are some opinions from customers about the quality of the product.



1. Design and manufacturing quality: The design and manufacturing quality of electric stackers is a key factor affecting their overall quality. Reasonable design and high quality manufacturing can ensure the reliability and stability of the stacker during use;

2. Material selection: The quality and reliability of the materials used in the truck will directly affect its overall quality. High quality materials provide better strength, durability and corrosion resistance, thereby improving the quality of the stacker;

3. Quality of accessories and components: The quality of accessories and components of electric stackers will also have an impact on the overall quality. High quality fittings and components improve the performance and reliability of the truck while reducing the need for breakdowns and maintenance;

4. Process and assembly quality: the process and assembly quality in the production process are also crucial to the quality of the electric stacker. Accurate assembly and high-quality processes ensure that the components are well matched and connected, improving overall quality and performance;

5. Quality control: Reasonable quality control measures are the key to ensure the quality of electric stackers. Through strict quality inspection, testing and verification, problems in the manufacturing process can be detected and corrected early, and ensure that the final delivery of the stacker meets the quality standards;

6. Maintenance and maintenance: the quality of the truck is also closely related to the quality of maintenance and maintenance. Regular maintenance and maintenance can ensure that the stacker is in good working condition during use, extend its life and improve its quality.


Electric forklifts working in special environments require special maintenance methods. Here are some suggestions from NEOlift for maintaining electric forklifts in hot and humid environments:

1. Cleaning and dehumidification: Regularly clean the external and internal parts of the electric forklift to remove dust and dirt. Pay special attention to cleaning batteries and circuit components to ensure there is no standing water or humidity. Use a dehumidifier or desiccant to help reduce ambient humidity.

2. Maintain ventilation: In high temperature and humidity environments, maintaining good ventilation is essential. Ensure adequate air circulation in the working area to reduce the risk of overheating and circuit failure of the electric forklift.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the status of the battery, circuit, motor and other key components of the electric forklift. Make sure the battery is charged properly and kept clean. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Train operators: Ensure that operators receive professional training to understand the precautions for operating electric forklifts in high temperature and humidity environments. Teach operators the proper use and maintenance of equipment to reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents.

5. Storage and parking: When parking the electric forklift, choose a dry and ventilated area, and avoid long-term exposure to high temperature and high humidity.

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