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NEOlift sets to Deliver Two 5-Ton Explosion-Proof Forklifts to Ukrainian Customers

Jul 14, 2023

NEOlift, a leading provider of material handling solutions, is preparing to deliver two cutting-edge explosion-proof electric forklifts to esteemed customers in Ukraine. With a loading capacity of 5 tons and a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, these forklifts incorporate state-of-the-art safety features and are powered by reliable 80V650Ah lead-acid batteries.

The impending delivery of the 5-ton explosion-proof electric forklifts underscores NEOlift's commitment to delivering advanced solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency in challenging environments. These forklifts, meticulously designed and manufactured by NEOlift.

Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Key Specifications:

1.Loading Capacity: The two forklifts boast an impressive lifting capacity of 5 tons, providing the power necessary to handle heavy loads with ease. This capability ensures increased productivity and efficiency in various material handling scenarios.

2.Lifting Height: With a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, these forklifts enable operators to reach and stack items at considerable heights, contributing to enhanced operational versatility and adaptability in warehouses, logistics centers, and other industrial settings.

3.Explosion-Proof Design: As safety is paramount, these forklifts are engineered with an explosion-proof design. They are specifically built to operate in hazardous environments where the risk of explosions is present, such as those involving flammable materials. The forklifts' robust construction and safety features mitigate potential risks, ensuring the well-being of operators and safeguarding valuable assets.

4.Reliable Battery Power: The 80V650Ah lead-acid batteries powering these forklifts offer a reliable and sustainable energy source. With their optimal energy storage capabilities, they enable extended operating hours, minimizing downtime for charging and maximizing productivity on the warehouse floor.

Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Commenting on the upcoming delivery,NEOlift's CEO expressed enthusiasm, stating, "NEOlift is proud to provide Ukrainian customers with advanced and safe material handling solutions. Our 5-ton explosion-proof forklifts embody our commitment to delivering high-performance equipment that prioritizes operator safety and operational efficiency. We are confident that these forklifts will greatly enhance the productivity and safety of our customers' material handling operations in Ukraine."

NEOlift remains dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to its global customer base. With extensive expertise in the material handling industry, the company continues to innovate and tailor solutions to meet the evolving needs of various sectors, all while emphasizing safety and performance.

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