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Introduction: Forklift safety system

Dec 15, 2023

With the continuous development of the industrial sector, forklift safety systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. Especially now, the development trend of forklifts is intelligent, de-artificial, and try to use scientific and technological intelligence to promote the safety of forklifts. Only the electric forklift, or the AGV's proprietary label, even the internal combustion forklift, especially the heavy duty forklift, is equipped with intelligent systems to improve the use of comfort and safety.



So what are the forklift safety systems?

Forklift safety system is a series of technologies and devices designed to improve the safety of forklift trucks in industrial sites. These systems are designed to reduce the risk of accidents and keep people and equipment safe.

1. Pedestrian protection system

When the forklift is driving, the pedestrian protection system can detect the surrounding environment through sensors and monitor the position of pedestrians in real time. Once a pedestrian approach is detected, the system sends a warning signal to alert the forklift driver and trigger emergency braking, ensuring the safety of pedestrians in an emergency.

2. Zone speed limit inside and outside the plant

In order to adapt to different working scenarios, the forklift safety system also includes a zone speed limit function inside and outside the plant. With GPS and geofencing technology, the system is capable of intelligent speed limits based on the specific area the vehicle is in, improving overall safety in the workplace.

3. Traffic control system for forklifts and pedestrians

The traffic control system coordinates the movement of forklifts and pedestrians through intelligent signals and indicators to reduce the risk of accidents. This system can effectively reduce the conflict on the crossing path and improve the coordination between vehicles and pedestrians.

4. Forklift anti-collision system

The forklift anti-collision system uses sensor technology such as radar and camera to monitor obstacles and other vehicles around the forklift. Once a potential collision risk is detected, the system will automatically take measures, such as emergency braking or changing the direction of travel, to prevent a collision event.

5. Intersection alarm device

In industrial sites, forklifts often need to cross intersections, which are often potentially hazardous areas. The intersection alarm device reminds the driver of the existence of the intersection through sound, light or other means, reminding them to pay attention and pass cautiously, reducing the probability of intersection accidents.

6. Visual alarm system

The visual alert system provides forklift drivers with real-time information about their surroundings via a display or HUD (head-up display) to help them better perceive the situation in the workplace. This helps to reduce blind spots and improve the driver's perception of potential risks.

7. Narrow roadway forklift safety

Forklifts operating in narrow laneway are usually at higher risk, so a dedicated safety system for narrow laneway forklifts is particularly important. These systems use automatic navigation and positioning technology to ensure that the forklift travels safely in confined Spaces and avoids collisions with walls or other obstacles.


Through our innovative forklift safety systems, we are able to better ensure the safety of people and equipment in industrial production. As technology continues to evolve, these systems will continue to evolve to provide a more reliable guarantee of workplace safety.

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