Electric Battery Powered Reach Truck

All-Purpose Manual For Electric Forklifts

Dec 18, 2023

With the continuous enhancement of environmental awareness and the growing demand for efficient logistics in the industrial field, electric forklift trucks, as a new generation of handling tools, have gradually received widespread attention for their environmental protection and efficient characteristics. Electric forklift is a battery as the power source of the handling vehicle, through the motor drive and control lifting, forward, steering and other actions, to achieve the loading and unloading of goods, handling and stacking, including electric pallet trucks, electric pallet stackers, electric tow tractors and other types. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts have environmental advantages such as zero emissions, low noise, energy saving, and higher operational flexibility and safety.



The structure and operation principle of electric forklift truck:

The electric forklift is mainly composed of battery, motor, control system, cab, chassis and fork. Among them, the battery is the power source of the electric forklift, responsible for providing energy; The motor converts the energy of the battery into mechanical energy, driving the vehicle and lifting action; The control system is responsible for coordinating the work of the motor and the battery to achieve efficient use of energy; The cab provides the operator with a working environment to ensure operating comfort and safety; The chassis carries the weight of the whole vehicle and provides a stable operating basis; The fork is the core working device of the forklift, responsible for loading, unloading and handling of goods.

1. Environmental protection: electric forklift adopts battery as power source, no fuel, no exhaust emissions, and little environmental pollution.

2. High efficiency: The electric forklift adopts advanced motor and control technology, which has higher running speed and lifting control accuracy, greatly improving the handling efficiency.

3. Energy saving: Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts consume less energy during operation and save energy.

4. Safety: electric forklift has the advantages of low noise and zero emission, which reduces the harm of the working environment to the human body.



Battery use tips:

1. No fireworks in the battery charging The battery will produce hydrogen, no fireworks, and the charging should be carried out in a well-ventilated place, open the cap of the battery, and maintain good ventilation.

2. The environment of plug and socket peripheral equipment is arranged in the case of damaged and dirty sockets and plugs, if it continues to be used for charging, poor contact is likely to occur, and even cause fire. Don't

Only the forklift, including the surrounding equipment environment should also be carefully sorted.

3. Firmly connect the charging plug. Ensure that the charging plug is firmly connected before charging. At the same time, make sure that the ground cable is firmly connected, and after charging, make sure that the charging plug has been unplugged

Driving a forklift.

4. Do not unplug during charging When the battery is charging, if you unplug the charging plug or battery plug, it may produce electrical sparks, causing accidents. When unplugging, be sure to operate the switch

Control panel, terminate charging.

5. Precautions when thunder sounds far, the charging should be stopped and the charging plug should be unplugged. Otherwise, control devices such as the display may be damaged.

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