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How to operate an electric pallet stacker

Nov 27, 2023

Electric pallet stacker is a kind of material handling equipment. Because of its flexibility and convenience, it is widely used in warehouses, factories, logistics and other fields. As one of the most frequently used models, the correct operation method and operation points can not only protect the safety of daily work, but also extend the service life of the electric stacker. Below, NEOlift will combine its own product characteristics to share the operation guide for you.



Operation method:

1. Drive

Before the vehicle is driven, check the working condition of the brake and pump station, and ensure that the battery is fully charged. Hold the control handle with both hands, force the vehicle to slowly drive towards the working goods, if you want to stop, you can brake or foot brake to stop the vehicle.

2. Unloading

(1) In the case of low fork and the shelf to keep vertical carefully close to the shelf and insert the bottom of the pallet

(2) Back the stacker to allow the fork to move the delivery tray

(3) Lift the fork to the required height, slowly move to the unloaded tray, while ensuring that the fork is easily accessible to the pallet and the goods are in the safe position of the fork

(4) Lift the fork until the pallet is lifted from the shelf

(5) Back up slowly in the aisle

(6) Slowly lower the goods and ensure that the fork is not in contact with obstacles during the lowering process. Note: During the lifting of the goods, the steering and braking operations must be slow and careful.

3. Stack

(1) Keep the goods low and approach the shelves carefully

(2) Lift the goods to the top of the shelf plane

(3) Move slowly forward, stop when the goods are above the shelf, put down the pallet at this point and pay attention to the fork does not exert force on the shelf under the goods, to ensure that the goods are in a safe position

(4) Slow back and make sure the pallet is in a secure position

(5) Lower the fork to the position where the stacker can drive

4. Safety facilities

(1) Main switch: power main switch

(2) Foot brake: reliable parking brake

(3) Restrictor valve: control the speed of descent

(4) Pressure limiting valve: control the load

(5) Protective net: to protect the driver

5. Prohibited items

(1) It is prohibited to operate semi-electric stackers after drinking

(2) Prohibit overload, uneven stacking of goods, flat

(3) No straddle operation

(4) Parking on ramps or steps is prohibited.



Operating essentials

1. The operator of the electric pallet stacker is not allowed to drink driving, overweight, super high, speeding, and is forbidden to brake and turn sharply. Stacker trucks are prohibited from entering places where solvents and combustible gases are stored

2. The safety device of the electric pallet stacker must be complete and intact, the components are sensitive and effective, and the technical performance is good. It is strictly prohibited to drive the stacker with disease.

3. Maintain the standard driving state of the truck, the fork is 10-20 cm from the ground when it is driven from the ground, and the truck is lowered to the ground when it is stopped. When it is operated under poor road conditions, its weight is properly reduced, and the speed of the truck should be reduced.

4. When the electric pallet stacker is driving, if the electric controller is out of control, disconnect the main power supply in time.

5. In the use of electric pallet stacker, special attention should be paid to the timely charging of the battery and the correct maintenance of the battery. When charging the battery, pay attention to the method, which should not only make the battery fully charged, but also cause the battery to overcharge.

6. In the operation of the electric pallet stacker, try to use a long distance acceleration as little as possible, when the stacker starts, the speed increases, stabilize the accelerator pedal, such as good road conditions, the stacker will continue to accelerate. When the stacker needs to slow down, relax the accelerator pedal and gently step the brake pedal, so that the deceleration energy can be fully utilized. If the stacker has regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy can be recovered during deceleration. When the vehicle is going down the ramp, do not disconnect the circuit of the driving motor of the stacker, gently press the brake pedal to make the stacker run in the regenerative braking state, and use the kinetic energy of the vehicle going down to reduce the energy consumption of the battery.

7. During the operation of the electric pallet stacker, do not mistake the direction switch of "forward and backward" as the steering switch. Unless an emergency deceleration is required, do not press the brake pedal directly to the end. During the use of the vehicle, when the battery is found to be insufficient (which can be obtained through the electricity meter, power deficit indicator light and other alarm devices), the battery should be charged as soon as possible to prevent excessive discharge of the battery.

8. electric pallet stacker operation, do not in the process of high-speed driving, often take emergency braking; Otherwise, it will cause huge friction to the brake assembly and driving wheel, shorten the service life of the brake assembly and driving wheel, and even damage the brake assembly and driving wheel.

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