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How to maintain the battery forklift in summer?

Jun 15, 2022

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In order to prolong the service life of electric forklifts and improve work efficiency, many companies attach great importance to the maintenance and maintenance of forklifts. They also strictly follow the operating procedures during operation, and try to slow down the damage of mechanical parts during use. But how to maintain and maintain it in summer?

The hot temperature in summer prevents people from fully devoting themselves to work, and the same is true for battery forklifts. Therefore, the maintenance of forklifts in summer is particularly important. First of all, it is necessary to prevent all kinds of sundries from entering the mechanical operation parts and ensure the cleanliness of the forklift parts, so as to ensure the quality of the supporting facilities of the mechanical parts.

Secondly, the high temperature in summer will easily cause failures in the operation of machinery. Therefore, during the use of construction machinery, attention should be paid to the cleaning of parts and components, to reduce dust, and to ensure smooth ventilation and heat dissipation of the machinery. If you encounter a problem, you should stop using it immediately and troubleshoot it in time. If there is any problem that cannot be solved, please contact the manufacturer immediately.

There is a lot of rain in summer, and once the chemical components in the rain and air are poured into the machinery, it will cause corrosion to the machinery, so corresponding measures should be taken according to the specific situation. Low-lying places tend to accumulate water after raining, and a small amount of accumulated water will corrode the tires and hubs of the vehicle, which will reduce the service life for a long time. Therefore, the forklift should be placed indoors when it is parked, and it should be used indoors as much as possible during rainy seasons.

Summer is the best season for insects to multiply on trees. With the help of rain, a large amount of shellac and other debris will accumulate on the surface of the vehicle parked under the tree. These substances will cause serious damage to the surface of the car paint. Therefore, forklifts in summer cannot Park under a tree.

Finally, remind users not to overload the forklift in summer, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and tear of parts. It is inevitable that both people and machinery will cause injury. The summer is hot and the scorching heat is unbearable. You should do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling when working.

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