Electric Battery Powered Reach Truck

Advantages of NEOlift Reach Trucks.

Jun 20, 2022

Reach truck is an industrial handling vehicle, a kind of storage forklift, which refers to a forward wheeled handling vehicle for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. Used for the transport of large items in storage, usually powered by batteries.

NEOforklift reach truck


1. The mast of the forward-moving forklift can be extended when the fork is stopped, and the mast can be retracted when walking, thereby reducing the turning radius of the forklift and ensuring the stability of the forklift during operation.

2. Reach trucks are different from ordinary stackers and counterweight stackers. Its mast can drive the fork to move forward, stretch out to the outside of the front wheel to fork or put down the goods, and the fork will take the goods back when walking, so that the center of gravity of the goods is in the support surface, while the forward-moving fork stacker is It means that the shelf drives the fork to move forward to work outside the front wheels, and the fork frame drives the fork to retract into the support plane when walking.

3. The reach-type forklift has two forward-extending outriggers, the outriggers are high, and there are two wheels at the front end of the outriggers. The function of the outriggers is to ensure the stability of the loading and unloading truck when it is loaded. Compared with the leg-type stacker, the front wheels are larger and the outriggers are higher. During operation, the outriggers cannot be inserted into the bottom of the cargo, and the mast can move along the inner track of the outriggers with the entire lifting mechanism, so that the cargo After the fork picks up the goods, it can be retracted after slightly lifting a height to ensure the stability of the electric stacker during operation. The reach-type forklift is the same as the leg-type stacker, and the center of gravity of the goods falls on the support plane of the vehicle. inside, so the stability is good. It is suitable for working in workshops and warehouses.

4. The reach-type forklift has a small lifting capacity and is driven by an electric motor. The mast of the reach-type forklift can move forward along the inner track of the outrigger with the lifting mechanism, so as to facilitate fork-lifting of goods. After picking up the goods, the mast returns to its original position along the inner track of the outrigger after lifting for a short distance. outside of the fulcrum. This type of reach truck has the advantages of operational flexibility and high load, better balance and stability, and can save space and reduce the turning radius. It is suitable for handling and loading operations in indoor warehouses with narrow passages.


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