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Advantages and disadvantages of internal combustion forklifts

Jan 05, 2022

Internal combustion forklifts are counterbalanced forklifts powered by diesel, gasoline, liquefied gas and other fuels, and are widely used in logistics, warehouses, workshops and other cargo handling. Among them, diesel forklifts and liquefied gas internal combustion forklifts are more widely used.

Internal Combustion Diesel Forklift

Diesel forklift:


Diesel engines are characterized by cheap fuel, high power, strong climbing ability, low requirements on the road surface, long operation duration, good maintenance performance, and cheap accessories.


Forklifts powered by diesel engines have large vibrations, high noise, and black smoke emissions during operation, which pollute the air.

Applicable environment:

Diesel forklifts are mainly suitable for outdoor operations, especially in places with uneven roads or large gradients, and in environments such as busy operations.

LPG Forklift

LPG forklift:


The fuel price of LPG forklift is cheap, the operation duration is longer, the operation is relatively stable, and the noise is low. After adding the catalyst, the emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons can be reduced to a lower limit. Therefore, the LPG forklift has almost no black Smoke emission, no air pollution.


There are many problems in the storage, transportation and usage habits of liquefied gas.

Applicable environment:

Suitable for both outdoor work and indoor work.

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