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What is a tow tractor?

Apr 03, 2023

Electric tow tractors are driven by motors and are used for the transportation of large quantities of goods inside and outside workshops, the handling of assembly line materials, and the handling of materials in large factory areas. Materials are often stored in trailers, and tractors are needed to solve the efficient transportation of materials in different areas. The rated towing load ranges from 1000kg-6000kg. According to the purpose of the vehicle, it can be classified into seated electric tractor, standing electric tractor.

seated type tow tractor

Working check:

1. Before driving, you should check whether the conditions in various places are normal, whether the indicators on the instrument panel are normal, and whether the power indicator is sufficient.

2. Check the starting, running and braking performance.

3. Check whether the lights and horn signals are normal. Safety must be ensured. Horns, headlights, direction lights, steering gears, and brakes must be sensitive and reliable.

4. Check whether the electrolyte of the vehicle battery is normal? And replenish the electrolyte in time.

5. Check whether there is oil leakage or liquid leakage in each part of the car, and replace the seals in time.

6. In addition to the above inspections, the electric tractor should also check the circuit of the electric tractor according to the relevant inspection content of the battery car. 

Standing type tow tractor

Start before driving:

1. Before driving, check the surrounding pedestrians or obstacles and sound the horn to start.

2. The driver must start slowly and steadily when starting.

Driving work:

1. Only two people are allowed to sit in the driver's seat of the vehicle, and other parts of the driver are not allowed to take the trailer, and all passengers are prohibited.

2. Pay attention to the dynamics of passing vehicles and pedestrians when driving. If there are people or vehicles nearby when turning, you should send out a signal. And high-speed sharp turns are prohibited. Sharp turns at high speeds can cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and roll over.

3. You must pay close attention to passing vehicles, pedestrians and the surrounding conditions when turning around and reversing the vehicle? Do it slowly.

4. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to get on, off, pick up or jump off the vehicle when the vehicle is running or has not stopped.

5. It is forbidden to brake suddenly while driving except under special circumstances.

6. Eating, talking and laughing or other actions that hinder safety are prohibited while driving.

7. Prohibit drink driving and fatigue driving electric tractors.

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