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What are the classifications of forklifts?

Apr 20, 2022

Heavy duty diesel forklift

Types of forklifts:

1. Ordinary internal combustion forklift

Generally, diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engines are used as power, the load capacity is 1.2-8.0 tons, and the working channel width is generally 3.5-5.0 meters. Considering the exhaust emission and noise problems, it is usually used outdoors, workshops or other exhaust gas There are no special requirements for emissions and noise.

2. Heavy-duty forklift

Diesel engine is used as the power, and the carrying capacity is 10.0-52.0 tons. It is generally used for outdoor operations in heavy cargo wharfs, steel and other industries.

3. Container forklift

Diesel engines are used as power, and the carrying capacity is 8.0-45.0 tons. It is generally divided into empty container stacker, heavy container stacker and container reach stacker. Applied to container handling, such as container yard or port terminal operations.

4. Side loader forklift

Diesel engine or electric power is used as power, and the carrying capacity is 3.0-6.0 tons. Without turning, it has the ability to fork goods directly from the side, so it is mainly used to fork long goods, such as wooden slats, steel bars, etc.

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