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Planning And Development Of AGV Industry

Jan 12, 2024

With the widespread application of flexible manufacturing systems, the demand for small batch and multi-batch production continues to increase, and "order-oriented" production has become a trend. Specifically, the current production line logistics is too rigid (relying on manual operation of internal combustion forklifts, electric counterbalanced forklifts, or VNA forklifts, etc.), and there is no connection between the demand side and the production side, resulting in low information transmission efficiency and different The conversion time between products is long and cannot meet the rapid switching needs of customer orders.


The emergence of the AGV concept

More and more companies realize that the introduction of intelligent equipment into the production line is only the first step. In order to achieve the optimal solution for production efficiency, the re-optimization of the logistics system must be put on the agenda. AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) plays an important role in the field of logistics and warehousing. It came into being. The general manager of NEO recognized that: the current development level of many Chinese manufacturing companies is even more advanced than that of foreign countries, and they have strong self-driving force and are relatively mature in production automation. However, logistics automation lacks integrity and systematization, and there is no connection. Production and warehousing have seriously affected production efficiency. In such a development environment, NEO resolutely focuses on the field of smart warehousing. The concept of AGV: an industrial vehicle that loads goods automatically or manually, drives automatically according to a set route or tows a cargo trolley to a designated location, and then loads and unloads goods automatically or manually.



Create a diversified AGV product line

First, from the perspective of individual logistics equipment, China is currently in the transition stage from traditional purely mechanical to intelligent AGV, and more and more companies are beginning to introduce intelligent logistics equipment such as AGV.

Although judging from the market sales of AGVs, the share of laser navigation products is increasing year by year, but the accuracy, rhythm and other requirements for AGVs in different scenarios are different, so there is no absolute substitution relationship between different technical products. Laser navigation It's the future, but not all of it. For example, magnetic navigation AGV has mature technology and high precision, and is suitable for industries such as automobiles, aerospace, large-scale castings, and heavy machinery product manufacturing; QR code navigation products are fast, efficient, and suitable for large-scale cluster dispatching, and are mainly used in electronics. Unmanned warehousing scenarios such as commercial logistics, 3C, home appliances, medicine and food; and the market positioning of laser navigation AGV is mainly in workshop line warehouses, intelligent manufacturing workshops and automated warehouses with a height of less than 8 meters.

This requires companies to face the different needs of AGVs from customers in different industries and in different process scenarios. The first step is to deeply explore customer pain points and provide customers with innovative and customized logistics system solutions. Based on this, NEO is deeply involved in the industry, ranging from flat-panel magnetic navigation AGVs, visual + inertial combined navigation KIVA-like AGVs to the latest laser navigation AGVs, and uses backpack-type, traction-type, forklift-type, pallet-type, etc. The transfer form enables the diversification of AGV product series to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios.

Currently, NEO has established production and testing bases in different regions of China. Its completely independent hardware production process and product traceability mechanism ensure the high quality and stability of the car body from the hardware perspective. At present, our pre-sales service has taken root in five major regions across the country. In terms of after-sales, NEO has established 100 multi-service agencies in 31 provincial capital cities across the country, reaching customer sites directly within 8 hours to solve after-sales problems.

In terms of vehicle body software, NEO has cooperated with many intelligent unmanned robot technology teams from well-known universities and the Academy of Sciences to jointly develop AGV vehicle-mounted, navigation, and dispatching systems. In the case of transportation, we have been able to operate more than a dozen AGVs at the same time, running stably without locking up.



Break through individual intelligence and create overall logistics solutions

Secondly, from the perspective of the overall planning of logistics automation, with the transformation of traditional Chinese medicine in China's manufacturing industry and the rapid development of e-commerce, enterprises have shown new needs such as flexibility, scalability, multi-configuration, visualization, customization and distributed warehousing. Put forward higher requirements for the warehousing system.

According to GGII, there will be about 7,000 automated three-dimensional warehouses in 2023. Among them, in the fields of new energy, consumer goods and traditional industries, "single warehouse construction + production docking" is the main focus, and integrators with relevant industrial service foundations have more advantages.

In terms of single warehouse construction, NEO has launched a variety of solutions, with shuttles, forklifts, forklift AGVs and high-density storage systems as the core, to meet the different needs of customers.

At the same time, in view of the "information island" in enterprise production and manufacturing that makes it difficult to complete production docking, NEO's WCS logistics management middleware will effectively implement all-area manufacturing management software in the factory, including production execution systems, warehouse management systems, AGV scheduling management systems, etc. Get connected. It provides enterprises with access to factory-wide data, provides efficient and scientific intelligent management suggestions, assists managers in achieving better management and decision-making, and further improves production efficiency and product quality.

NEO's MES is mainly a smart factory management cloud platform, with functions such as intelligent order scheduling, poor quality warning, production process traceability, equipment failure prediction, data dashboard management, intelligent warehousing management, and real-time information sharing.

Therefore, NEO can provide customers with completely independent and customized overall logistics solutions from top-level design, system research, architecture construction, function development, system optimization and testing to product release.

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