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Non-standard customized forklift and its attention points.

Aug 16, 2021

Non-standard customized electric forklifts are forklifts designed, developed and manufactured according to different working conditions, different product uses and needs of customers. Non-standard customized forklifts include various types of forklifts, such as: non-standard pallet trucks, non-standard pallet Stacker trucks, non-standard tractors, custom counterbalanced electric forklifts, etc.

NEO Non-Standard Customized Forklift

Non-standard customization Non-standard electric forklifts are designed and customized according to the special needs of customers in different industries. The biggest advantage of the non-standard electric forklift is that it can save labor costs, simplify the work process, and let the machine replace the labor to complete the relatively specific work content. , chemical industry, food processing, medical equipment smelting, electronics, automobile manufacturing, hardware manufacturing and other industries.

NEO Non-Standard Customized Forklift

What are the points for attention of non-standard custom forklifts?

1. What is the cargo being transported?

2. The type and size of the pallet used determines the size of the fork,

3. The size of the channel

4. The flatness of the ground, the wear resistance, the presence or absence of iron filings, etc. are related to the influence of walking

5. The workload of the electric forklift

6. The properties of the goods also affect the choice of products. Only by communicating with the manufacturer can you choose the product that is suitable for you.

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