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How to convert a diesel forklift to an electric forklift?

Jul 18, 2023

Converting a diesel forklift to an electric forklift requires a series of steps and a retrofit process. The following are the modification steps for electric forklift with diesel chassis in general:

1.Research and Plan: Learn about the construction and components of a diesel forklift to determine how to modify it. Research the technology and requirements of electric forklifts in order to determine the appropriate electric drive system.

2.Remove the internal combustion engine: Remove the internal combustion engine, fuel system and related transmission components of the diesel forklift.

3.Install the electric motor: select the electric motor of the appropriate type and specification, and install it according to the design and requirements of the forklift. The electric motor can be connected to the original transmission system.

4.Install the battery pack: Select the appropriate capacity and type of battery pack and install it according to the space and weight restrictions of the forklift. The location depends on the design of the forklift, which is usually installed on the bottom of the chassis or other suitable locations.

5.Electrical Circuits and Control Systems: Build the electrical power and control systems, connecting electric motors to battery packs, joysticks, controllers, and dashboards. Make sure that the electric motor can be controlled and deliver the required power on demand.

6.Charging system: Select the appropriate charging system based on the battery pack type and ensure safe and efficient charging facilities are available. The charging system should be connected to the battery pack and the grid.

7.Auxiliary system: According to specific needs, it may be necessary to install auxiliary systems, such as auxiliary braking systems, hydraulic systems, lighting systems, etc.

8.Test and adjustment: Before the official use, the modified electric forklift is tested and adjusted. Make sure all systems are functioning properly, drive performance and battery life meet requirements.

Electric forklift with diesel chassis

Important note: The electric conversion of diesel forklifts is a complex engineering project, and it is recommended to be carried out by a professional forklift conversion company or a technical team with relevant experience and knowledge. This ensures safety, performance and retrofit results that meet industry standards.

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