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Analysis and solution of high temperature of forklift tank

Dec 04, 2023

Water tank as an important component of the internal combustion forklift, its correct maintenance method can greatly extend the service life of the forklift. When diesel forklifts, especially heavy duty forklifts, work for a long time with high load and the weather temperature is too high, the water tank is prone to high temperature problems, especially in the summer, when the water tank of the internal combustion forklift is high, it must be stopped, which affects the work of the forklift, and will damage the parts in serious cases. Therefore, on the one hand, we must have the ability to analyze what causes the high temperature of the forklift tank, and on the other hand, we must have the ability to solve these problems. Below, NEOlift will give you a specific analysis:


The water temperature of forklift is too high?

There are many reasons for the high water temperature: temperature control switch, pump, subfan, pipe rust, bad return water and other factors will cause such a knot phenomenon. The temperature of the engine is mainly related to whether the thermostat works normally, whether the water pump can establish enough pressure, and whether the cooling fan can reach the standard speed. Then how to check the forklift water temperature is not normal? The cooling system is generally composed of cooling fan, radiator, thermostat and other components. The cooling fan is often driven directly by the engine, and the fan speed is consistent with the engine speed. The control of the cooling water temperature mainly depends on the thermostat.


Principle of thermostat

The function of the thermostat is to automatically adjust the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the cooling water and change the circulation range of the water to adjust the heat dissipation capacity of the cooling system and ensure that the engine works within the appropriate temperature range. The thermostat must be kept in good technical condition, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. If the thermostat main valve is opened too late, it will cause the engine to overheat; If the main valve is opened too early, the engine preheating time is prolonged, and the engine temperature is too low. At this time, it can be determined whether the working condition of the thermostat is good. When the engine starts to run cold, if there is cooling water flowing out of the water inlet pipe of the upper water chamber of the water tank, the main valve of the thermostat cannot be closed; When the engine cooling water temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, There is no cooling water outflow at the inlet pipe of the upper water chamber of the box, which indicates that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened normally, and it needs to be repaired.



The check of the thermostat can be carried out on the forklift as follows:

1. check the engine after starting: open the radiator water mouth cover, if the cooling water in the radiator is calm, it indicates that the thermostat is working normally, otherwise, it means that the thermostat is not working properly.

2. this is because, when the water temperature is below 70 ° C, the thermostat expansion cylinder is in a contracting state, and the main valve is closed; When the water temperature is higher than 80 ° C, the expansion cylinder expands, the main valve gradually opens, and the circulating water in the radiator begins to flow.

3. when the water temperature gauge indicates below 70 ° C, if there is water flow in the radiator inlet pipe, and the water temperature is warm, the main valve of the thermometer is not tightly closed, so that the cooling water is circulated prematurely.

4. check after the water temperature rises: in the early stage of engine work, the water temperature is thousands soon; When the water temperature gauge indicates 80, the heating rate slows down, indicating that the thermostat is working normally. On the contrary, if the water temperature has been rising quickly, when the internal pressure reaches a certain degree, the boiling water suddenly overflows, indicating that the main valve is stuck and suddenly opened.

5. When the water temperature gauge indicates 70℃-80℃, open the radiator cover and radiator water drain switch, and feel the water temperature. If both hands are hot, the thermostat works normally; If the water temperature at the radiator inlet is low, and there is no or little water flowing out of the water inlet pipe of the radiator upper water chamber, the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened.

The water pump is the power that the cooling water is circulating continuously in the cooling system. The factors that affect the water pump are the impeller and the belt, and the cooling water cannot be circulated if the impeller is loose, resulting in the damage of the water pump. Belt is too large, resulting in too high water temperature, too small will cause damage to pump bearings, generator bearings.

Fan air volume detection: a thin paper can be placed in front of the radiator, when the engine is running, if the paper can be blown open, it means that the air volume is sufficient. This is different from a front-engined car fan that draws inward air. Do not install the blades backwards, and ensure that the fan cover is complete and effective.

In terms of radiator, the chassis of the forklift truck is low, and the radiator is placed at the rear of the vehicle. Dust is easy to accumulate on the surface of the radiator, if not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect. Cooling water is strictly prohibited to use "hard water" to prevent scale in the radiator, resulting in insufficient addition of cooling water.


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